As with all surgical procedures, there is an element of risk involved with breast reduction surgery, although minimal. Your risks are increased if you are a diabetic, a current smoker, have had previous breast surgery, are on medication for chronic illness and your breasts are extremely large. However, most women don’t experience any major problems at all.

  • It is possible to experience some of the following complications:
  • Bleeding or bruising
  • Discharge from the wounds or infection
  • Partial wound breakdown
  • Slight asymmetry in the final breast shape
  • Loss of sensation in the nipples, or hypersensitivity. Some women lose erogenous nipple sensation as well
  • Loss of blood supply to nipples (extremely rare)
  • Disappointment with final size or shape
  • Scarring – see photos

Any complications that may arise will be dealt with by a team of professionals. However, proper aftercare can greatly reduce these risks.

Dr Guy Hingston MBChB FRACS Breast Surgeon