Breast reduction surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic, after careful preoperative marking, photography and informed consent.

There are several techniques at the surgeons disposal for this procedure, but the most commonly used is the inferior pedicle technique.

This involves the surgeon moving the nipple to a higher position on the breast, but not removing it from it’s adjoined tissue. It is very rare for a nipple grafting technique to be used.

The lower portion of the breast is cut open along the base of the breast and an amount of tissue is removed from the base and mid section of each breast using dissection.

Once the excess tissue is removed the two sides of the incision are joined to form the base of the new breast. The incision is closed with internal dissolving sutures (Monocryl) to complete the surgery.

The wounds are then dressed with Comfeel dressings. The operation is covered by DVT prophylaxis (blood clot prevention) and antibiotics.

Dr Guy Hingston MBChB FRACS Breast Surgeon