intra-operative information

Following your breast reduction procedure you will need to have a dressing around your chest area. There is a chance you may have drainage tubes as well. In this instance the tubes will sit under your arms.

You will also be administered medication for treatment of any pain or nausea you might experience, though this is often not required.

Antibiotics are also prescribed for prevention of any infection.

You will need to be picked up as driving is not an option straight after surgery.

Immediate healing should take about 5-6 weeks, however full healing will take at least several months.

You will experience a period of tenderness and to start with will have some bruising and swelling.

Returning to work should be okay within about two to three weeks after the surgery, depending on your overall progress and type of occupation you will be returning to. If your work involves heavy lifting, it may be five to six weeks until you are back to work.

Some domestic duties (vacuuming, hanging out washing) may continue to be uncomfortable for several weeks following surgery.

However, the major benefits gained by this procedure greatly outweigh the short term adverse effects.


Dr Guy Hingston MBChB FRACS Breast Surgeon