Q: When can I return to work?

Returning to work should be okay within about two to three weeks after the surgery, depending on your overall progress and type of occupation you will be returning to. If your work involves heavy lifting, it may be five to six weeks until you are back to work.

Q: When can I drive after surgery?

You will need to be picked up as driving is not an option straight after surgery. You need to be completely free of the effects of the general anaesthetic and the discomfort of surgery. 24 hours following your surgery is an absolute minimum requirement, but for some women, this can be only a few days. For others, this can be up to a week, or longer, until they can drive safely and comfortably.

Q: What should I do if my stitches start to split?

You should seek medical attention if for some reason your wounds have started to come open. However, this is very rare. Our clinic uses Monocryl stitches which are dissolvable, but hold their strength for at least four weeks.

Q: Should I tape my stitches up?

There is no hard evidence to say that taping your wounds with steristrips lessens longer term scarring. However, we recommend using them for the first three weeks, changing them at least weekly, and more often if they are moist from below.

Q: How often during the day and night should I wear a bra?

Just during the day should be fine. Some women prefer to sleep with a crop top on for the first few weeks as they find it a bit more comfortable.

Q: How soon can I go swimming?

It would be best not to swim in the sea until after at least two weeks and at least three weeks for swimming pools.

Q: Is there a concern with saliva contact and the wounded areas?

A risk of infection from saliva contact will be possible until after about three weeks.

Q: Should I wear an underwire bra?

Not for several weeks, but this can be worn earlier if it is comfortable.

Q: When is it okay to start wearing a bra again?

As soon as you are comfortable. This may be straight away with a sports bra/crop top, or after a few days or weeks, depending on your progress. Most women can not tolerate an underwire bra for several weeks, but this can be worn earlier if it is comfortable.

Q: I am feeling some stabbing pains in my chest area, what could cause this?

This is usually due to damage to the the sensory nerves that travel around the chest, and usually settles within the first few months. If it doesn’t then you will need to consult your doctor.

Q: What can I do to ease the itching?

Most women are able to put up with this until it settles after a month or two. If it is prolonged then try using an antihistamine cream which can be very helpful.

Q: I find my breasts are itchy as they heal, is this normal?

Yes this is very normal and a good sign that you are healing.