Dr Guy Hingston

Breast reduction surgery is offered under the care of Dr Guy Hingston. Guy has acquired extensive experience in breast reduction surgery, having performed this operation now for over 25 years.

Guy completed his Royal Australasian College of Surgery Fellowship in Brisbane back in 1997 and has since sub-specialised in breast surgery. He became a full member of the Breast Section of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 1998 and recently became a foundation member of BreastSurgANZ (see www.breastsurganz.com).

He gained experience as a Fellow in Breast Surgery at St Marks Breast Centre. While at St Marks, he gained a large amount of breast reduction experience which he still draws on today. He then pioneered the technique of sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer at St Marks and then went on to Glasgow as the Lister Fellow at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary to further his research in sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer management.

After a few years as a Consultant Breast Surgeon, he was invited to join the specialist surgeons in Port Macquarie. Guy decided to move with his family to the North Coast and has since provided breast and other surgical services since 2003.

He now runs a busy surgical clinic serving the North Coast of New South Wales catering for a large number of women who need breast reduction and breast reconstruction surgery, as well as many other breast health needs of women of the North Coast, including breast cancer management, colonoscopy, laparoscopic inguinal herniorrhaphy and bowel cancer surgery.

Guy has a significant interest in breast and bowel cancer screening, and has recently published two new service manuals – “The Gold Book for Men – Men’s Service Manual for Life”and “The Gold Book for Women – Women’s Service Manual for Life”. For further details on this new preventative healthcare tool for students and people wanting to increase their lifelong health, visit www.gold-book.net. Further information on Guy’s interests can be found at www.drguyhingston.com.

Dr Hingston is also leading the charge to introduce Australian Government funded breast cancer genomic testing into clinical practice. Please visit www.mammaprint.com.au for more information on this important new international standard of care, which Australia is now lagging behind with.