The main benefits of breast reduction surgery are to reduce the chronic pain and discomfort from having heavy, large breasts as well as a reduced bust size and improved shape and position on the chest.

Besides reducing the physical strains of large breasts, women often experience a lift in self esteem and confidence as self-consciousness related to the breast size fades. The new shape and feel of the breast will delight and relieve.

New avenues in life can open up as women find they can finally shop for their shape and find appropriate bra and garment sizes.

Improved posture and a more physically intense life style can emerge and opportunities that once would have passed can now be seized.

In many ways women will be happier and healthier following a beneficial breast reduction. The universal comment following a breast reduction is “I wish I had this 10 years earlier”.


The main reasons for undertaking bilateral breast reduction surgery are to dramatically reduce the back, shoulder and neck discomfort/pain that women experience.

This daily discomfort that a large number of women suffer is amenable to cure by breast reduction surgery.

For many women with what would be considered overly large breasts, reduction surgery nearly always bring relief from a great number of symptoms. It enables unrestricted physical exercise and activity. It improves clothing options and allow women to return to a normal brassiere size. It improves personal confidence and self esteem, and starts people looking at their faces, rather than their overly large breasts.

Posture and physical activity can both be heavily impacted by overly large breasts as well, leaving women open to a more limited lifestyle in a sporting, career or family way.

Though there are other temporary or lesser methods to combat some of the problems with having large breasts, but none are as effective as a breast reduction. In terms of reducing chest pain and irritation and restoring shape, positioning and confidence, breast reduction is proven to be the most effective treatment available.


Dr Guy Hingston MBChB FRACS Breast Surgeon